About Shiho

My name is Shiho and I will be your kimono sensei (teacher)!

I am originally from Japan, but I love travelling. I have been to many countries but I am now happily settled into my new life in New Zealand. The more I travelled, the more I liked living overseas and trying new things and learning about other cultures. At the same time I realised more and more how much I appreciate my own Japanese culture.

I have worked as a Japanese teacher and in Japanese restaurants, and I was always thinking a lot about Japan and my culture, and at last I decided to focus on kimono. When I have a special event, I like to wear kimono. Everyone is interested in me, in my kimono, and in Japan! I always have such a great time, and a big reason is because of my kimono.

Kimono girls are very rare in New Zealand, but together I hope that one day we can see many kimono girls in New Zealand!